Welcome to TechniCAD Engineering

Thank you for your interest in TechniCAD Engineering Design and Drafting services. TechniCAD Engineering has made professional quality design and drafting services available to the small to medium size manufacturing company since 1989. TechniCAD provides companies that do not have a full time engineering department with the capabilities to handle projects on a "part time" or "on call as needed" basis. TechniCAD also provides companies that have "in house" engineering the ability to enhance their capabilities and handle a higher workload without the need to increase staff or train new employees. We have a wide variety of engineering services and resources that can be customized to meet individual client's needs.

3D Machine Design
TechniCAD Engineering Services has designed over 100 machines for companies for resale or use in their own manufacturing facilities. Machines range from large fully automated systems to small manually operated fixtures.  We are also expert at reverse engineering an existing machine and improving an old design. Complete Design is provided from concept meeting, design review, detail drawings, assembly drawings, bill of material lists, through to assembly assistance.  All documentation is provided in a neat binder along with a CD containing all drawings and lists. We maintain our records indefinitely so that years later you may contact us for updates, redesigns, or to replace lost or missing data.

Automate such tasks as:
Ultrasonic Welding
Part Handling/Picking and Placing
Part Feeding/Conveying
Product Assembly Systems
Other Special Tasks

Product Design
TechniCAD engineering provides Industrial, Consumer and Medical product design. A 3D solid computer model of the product is used to develop and visualize the prototype and to convey form, fit and function of a new design. TechniCAD engineering has produced electromechanical device designs and complex plastic part designs since 1989. TechniCAD Industrial Design  service adds a refined appearance to a new design. The 3D solid model of the new design is also used for Rapid Prototyping of parts.

CAD Drafting
TechniCAD Engineering provides professional quality drafting services. All detailed part drawings, sheet metal drawings, frame drawings and assembly drawings are generated from the 3D computer model of the design. This method insures dimensional accuracy and that parts fit at assembly. TechniCAD also produces exploded view drawings, technical illustrations and photo-realistic color renderings used for manuals, proposals and web sites. Top quality computer drafting is also  provided for converting paper drawings to CAD, 2D proposal drawings, patent drawings and manufacturing plant layouts for increased productivity.